60" round wood table (inside only)

Product Code: TB07

$ 10.00

Great for weddings and birthday parties

48" inch round wood table (inside only)

Product Code: TB09

$ 8.50

36" round wood

Product Code: TB08

$ 7.50

Round Bistro 24" and Round Bistro 36"

Product Code: TB06

$ 10.00

Perfect for small gatherings or cocktail parties

rectangle 30x72

Product Code: TB04

$ 10.00

Elegant wood table for parties

Half serpentine table

Product Code: TB03

$ 10.00

Serpentine Table elegant woderful for cocktail and buffet events.  Please call for pricing!


Product Code: TB12

$ 10.00

Great for cocktail events, catering, buffet.

Bar top table

Product Code: TB05

$ 17.00

Excellent bar top table for drinks and bartending. Please call for pricing!

60" round plastic table

Product Code: TB01

$ 8.50

A sturdy yet light plastic table. Round surface, accomodates 8-10 people.

48" round plastic table

Product Code: TB10

$ 7.50

96" Rectangle plastic table

Product Code: TB02

$ 8.50

Our most popular table, long rectangular table, plastic surface. Ideal for large reunions, accomodates 10-12 people.

72" plastic rectangle table

Product Code: TB11

$ 7.50

Kids Table

Product Code: TB13

$ 7.50

72" Long 22" High

20x40 top only (side walls extra)

Product Code: TN40

$ 550.00

20x40 large size tent. Side walls are extra.

72" round wood table (inside only)

Product Code: TB13

$ 16.00

Large 72 inch wood table great for weddings and birthday parties.

Wooden podium

Product Code: PO01

$ 35.00

We now have a podium available for renting.

Clear Table

Product Code:

$ 350.00

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