Tents & Gazebos

20x30 Tent only (walls cost extra)

Product Code: TE 03

$ 450.00

20x30 tent. Walls cost extra

20x40 Tent

Product Code: Tn 07

$ 550.00

Our largest tent for the best wedding or birthday parties. Please call for price and reservation.

umbrella table

Product Code: Tn 08

$ 0.00

Great for outdoors cook-outs, small birthday parties or anything you like.

White pedal stall

Product Code: Tn 11

$ 0.00

Stanchions with red rope

Product Code: R01

$ 25.00

Red Carpet 3x25

Product Code: R02

$ 35.00

Red Carpet 3x50

Product Code: R03

$ 60.00


Product Code: L01

$ 35.00

Large lighting

Product Code: L02

$ 50.00

stanchion silver (single)

Product Code: S01

$ 9.00

20x20 just the top (side walls extra)

Product Code: TN 20

$ 350.00

This is our 20x20 tent just the top. If you want walls around the tent is an extra charge.

20x60 tent only (side walls extra)

Product Code: TN60

$ 750.00

20x60 tent. Great for outside events.

40x40 tent only (walls cost extra)

Product Code: TN40

$ 1200.00

Our largest 40x40 tent. Walls cost extra

10x10 Tent

Product Code: TN10

$ 150.00

Our small 10x10 tent great for any outdoor activities or events.

HeatStar Tent Heater

Product Code: HST01

$ 0.00

Please contact us for pricing.

Tent 40x80 (call for price)

Product Code: TN50

$ 0.00

This is our largest tent covered in all sides...40x80 size. Please give us a call to check prices and reserve.

20x60 Frame Tent

Product Code: TN60

$ 850.00

This is our large extended 20x60 luxurious frame open tent. Excellent for outside events. (Top Only)

20x70 Frame Tent

Product Code: TN61

$ 1000.00

This is our second luxurious frame tent (Top only) excellent for outside events.

40x40 Pole Tent

Product Code: TN62

$ 1200.00

This is our most desired 40x40 Pole Tent for outside events such as weddings, birthdays and more.

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